Project Development

Tangibl combines decades of technical experience with commercial savvy to develop projects that anticipate market demand well ahead of when they're needed, such as energy storage and fast-start/fast-ramp reciprocating engines, providing a first-mover advantage to their clients. Unlike most developmental groups, that outsource virtually every task, Tangibl has the capability to self-perform key functions such as site identification and control, contract negotiations and electric transmission network analysis. Our technical team will scope, schedule, and estimate a constructible project that creates value for the ultimate owner and we work with clients both big and small, from municipal utilities to private equity, to find project opportunities that fit each clients needs.  


  • Land Acquisition
  • Interconnection Process Support & Analysis
  • Local & State Permitting
  • Property Tax Negotiation
  • Off-Take Power Contracts
  • Supplier Relations
  • Financing Arrangements